Monday, May 2, 2011

#86 Submission

At a point where I feel/know a new manuscript is finished.  Labored, spilled, refined, trimmed, ignored, revisited, submitted.  Submitted a few places.  Now is the season of waiting.  And there's some sense of abandoning an aspect of one's self to fate...or to wait.  For now, the future of the MS is out of my hands.  I've likely got months ahead of me of wondering.  It's that feeling of checking the mailbox everyday for the decoder ring at the other end of all those boxtops you sent in months ago.  Okay, so I've never mailed in boxtops for a decoder ring...but I do check the mail everyday.  I look for something, even if I don't know what...Amazon books that will arrive so late I've forgotten I ever ordered them, letters from friends in undergrad who swore they were going to keep this novelty letter writing campaign going, etc.  I've got new work underway, but that's only a few hours each day, and a few more spent revising.  The rest of it is refresh, refresh.  Not to draw parallels between my experience and that of the characters in that story...just the familiar behavior.  Maybe it would be better suited to compare to the closing scene of The Social Network.  I only watched that movie once, and I actually failed to notice what I'm just now realizing, revisiting that final scene.  On first viewing, I thought he had tried to friend the law clerk, rather than...well, who the whole movie is vaguely about.  Why didn't he try to friend the law clerk?  Come on, Zuckerberg.  

I'm going on a reading tour this summer with Ben Clark, to celebrate the release of his new book Reasons to Leave the Slaughter (Write Bloody).  We're mainly doing mid-west tour dates.  I'll post the schedule once it's all confirmed, for now we're working things out, growing our beards, gassing the Prius, and waiting, waiting, waiting.  Really happy for Ben, and really excited for the tour.  Ben's a showman, I'm a somethin', so it should make for a pretty good time.  

First year of grad school all but done.  Crit's on Thursday.  Performance/Video/Reading/Talk/Bow/AndBeDone.

Then there's this whole other week of school.  Not sure what that's about.

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