Friday, December 16, 2011

Oh yah.


It's nearly the big holiday break, so I'll likely disappear for a bit, until the tour begins in January (we're coming to Texas and Arizona!), but I wanted to leave you with a few things.

First, HouseFire published another short short piece the other day.  It was a response to their title prompt "They Will Not Leave".  Check it here.

Also, WordRiot published a novel excerpt.  The two sisters are an olive, have a dozen children between them, and share a keyhole.  (Other Excerpts can be found in PANK).

And, third, the very wonderful Necessary Fiction published my "research notes" for Revelation.  This piece was great fun to write and I owe a big Thank You to Jesse Ball, Adam Jameson, Jen Gann, Thania Rios, Zach Vandezande, Gabriel Boyer, and Steve Himmer for all of their help with it!  Oh yeah, and you can buy the actual book at

So that's all of that.

I'm currently reading Sara Levine's Treasure Island!!! which I ganked from the SAIC Grad Lounge.  I'll happily return it when I'm through...but until's all mine.  Reading this alongside Barry Hannah's Airships will make for an interesting winter break.

Okay.  That's basically it for now.

Love you.