Wednesday, February 29, 2012

AWP.  There's lots being said about it.  

For what's it worth, here's where I'll be:

Thursday, March 1st @ 1PM – 2PM
SAIC Ballroom (112 S. Michigain)

SAIC Student Reading

Thursday, March 1st @ 5PM - 7:30PM
Beef & Brandy (127 S. State St.)

Mutable Sound / Artifice Magazine / Smalldoggies Presents:
Readings by:

AD Jameson, Colin Winnette, JA Tyler, Joel Patton, Jen Gann, Mike Kitchell, Carrie Seitzinger, Brian Allen Carr, and Christian Tebordo!


Thursday, March 1st @ 9:30PM - 12AM
Shubas Tavern (3159 N. Southport)

Sonora Review Presents:

Readings by:

Julie Buntin, Nicole Walker, Laura Eve Engel, Christine Larusso, Jennifer Denrow, Rebecca Kutzer-Rice, Anna Prushinskaya, Colin Winnette, and Zac Gall


Friday, March 2nd @ 9:30PM - 12AM (open bar from 9PM - 9:30PM)
Brando's Speakeasy (343 S Dearborn St.)

Atticus Books and Patasola Press Presents:

Readings by:

*Rae Bryant (The Indefinite State of Imaginary Morals)
* Katrina Gray (Flash Queen Extraordinaire and EIC of Atticus Review)
* Steve Himmer (The Bee-Loud Glade)
* Carina Finn
* Lenea Grace
* Dave Housley (Ryan Seacrest Is Famous)
* John Minichillo (The Snow Whale)
* Matt Mullins (Three Ways of the Saw)
* Chad Prevost (The Director of Happiness)
* Joseph A.W. Quintela (In 140 Characters)
* Jared Yates Sexton (An End to All Things)
* J.A. Tyler (Comatose)
* Colin Winnette (Revelation)


Saturday, March 3rd from 9AM - 1:15

I'll be signing books/meeting and greeting at the Atticus Books table (Table C-16).


Saturday, March 3rd @ 6PM - 8PM
Beef & Brandy (127 S. State St.)

The Ear Eater Reading Series Presents: 


Amelia Gray (Threats, AM/PM, Museum of the Weird), Vanessa Place (La Medusa, Dies: A Sentence, The Guilt Project: Rape, Morality, and Law), Kevin Sampsell (Beautiful Blemish, Creamy Bullets), Adam Robinson (Adam Robinson and Other Poems)

Come to any or all of these things and say hi!  

I'll have books for sale at the Atticus Books table (C-16), as well as the Spork Press table (B-14).  

Spork will be selling a limited edition chapbook (only 50 copies!) the cover of which you can see in an earlier post.  I'm really excited about this book.  It features excerpts from the prose collection they'll be putting out later this year, Animal Collection.  


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

So dreamy.  Spork Press is putting out ANIMAL COLLECTION, a book of short prose, later this year.  For AWP they put together a sample chap, and here's the cover.  It's gorgeous.  And take special note of the block in the background.  Here's a quote from Drew Burk, re: letterpressing this thing:

"I don't know what you know about letterpress, but we're fucking barbarians about it, and this one was the most barbaric of all, just fucking screwing it down into place. That's so not how you do it."

Looks pretty slick to me.  The chap's only available at AWP, so stop by the Spork Press table and pick up a copy for like $5?  Or track me or Drew down and try to haggle!

Look for the full book later this year.  More soon.

Monday, February 20, 2012

The good folks at Untoward Mag published a story from ANIMAL COLLECTION this morning!  This collection is coming out with Spork Press later this year, but you can pick up a special edition excerpted chap version at AWP.  They'll be at the Spork table, the Atticus table, and I'll be walking around with them in my hand, as well.

Go read MOTHS here:  It's very short, I promise.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012



Big thanks to Kevin Morris with DBC READS, who reviewed REVELATION here:

There are many choice quotes, but here's one:

"Winnette communicates something that’s true and almost insufferably so, facets of our existence that have become as basic as sun up and sun down. It’s powerful, and would be so much less so if Winnette didn’t have such champion restraint."


Lately I've been reading Richard Hughes's A High Wind in Africa.  It's enjoyable, extremely readable.  I'm also digging into Ben Marcus's The Flame Alphabet, and Amelia Gray's Threats.  So much good reading, I can barely stand it.

And I have two small big announcements to make.  A collection of my short prose, entitled ANIMAL COLLECTION, is set to release with Spork Press later in 2012.  A sample chapbook will be available at AWP this late February/early March at the Spork Press table.  I'll also be reading from the collection on Thursday at Beef & Brandy, 127 S. State St., at 5PM.

And Atticus Books has agreed to publish two of my books, GAINESVILLE and IN ONE STORY, THE TWO SISTERS, in a single volume in 2013.  The official announcement will take place this year at AWP as well, and I'll be hanging out at their table, signing copies of REVELATION and shaking hands at some point, though I'm not yet sure when.

I'll do an AWP post some time later this month.  Lots going on.

And, finally, a new story of mine, Squeak Toys, detailing the earnest attempt of one man to mate with a dolphin, is in the new issue of Kugelmass.  It's an amazing issue that features new work by THE Aimee Bender, Yoni Brenner, Ellen Ferguson, William Giraldi, Ben Greenman, Dan Kennedy, Daniel Nester, Johnathan Silverman, and more!  It's available here:

Thanks for reading.