Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Back in town!  Feels good.  Things are moving along.  

My friend AD Jameson had some nice things to say on his blog the other day, re: the forthcoming book.  

Also, AD and I are reading together, along with Ben Clark, on the 11th at Ipsento Coffeehouse.  

Here's the deal:

Thursday, 11 August, 7pm, Ipsento Coffeehouse (2035 N. Western Ave, Chicago, 2 blocks north of the Western Blue Line stop)
                  7:15-7:35: Ben
                  7:35-7:55: me
                  7:55-8:15: A.D.
AD will be wearing shorts and reading from his outstanding prose collection Amazing Adult Fantasy.

Ben will be bearded and reading from his outstanding poetry collection Reasons to Leave the Slaughter.

I'm not sure what I'll be wearing...I'll be reading from a few different things probably.  I will appear calm at first.