Thursday, February 17, 2011

#78 - Baby Cheetah

New Story published over at Everyday Genius - "Baby Cheetah."

Adam Robinson is the editor for this month and he's done a bang up job so far.  Go check out my story and stick around for a little while, the lineup for January has been pretty fun.  Mike Young has a piece up about food and when he read it at the D.C. Zoo, I, along with Chloe Cooper Jones and a few other folks, was that food!  Even though he may say we were not...

"Baby Cheetah" was written in the snow blizzard in Chicago a few weeks back, while I waited for the airline to let me know just what the hell was going on with my flight to D.C.  I wrote a bunch of other animal stories during that blizzard and I've since finished a collection featuring these stories.  It's called "Abecedarium."  Someone should illustrate it.  Someone should publish and distribute it.  Someone should buy so many copies.

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