Sunday, January 30, 2011

#71 AWPow!

Special release for those of you coming to AWP this year!

I'll be there, Wednesday through Sunday, at the District Hotel, making a fool of myself and hawking my "Collected Work" available now through Hand Press.  

Stories by me, artwork by Dorian Mckaie.  

These are limited edition, handmade items, and, for now, will only be available at the conference.  

A great place to pick up the book would be at my reading on Friday.  

At the Zoo will be a reading hosted by Publishing Genius and Beecher's Magazine, featuring:

Starts at 2pm sharp, on Friday the 4th at the Washington Zoo (3001 Conneticut Ave NW).  It's FREE, and not to be missed.

There's even a flier!

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