Sunday, December 5, 2010


This arrive in the mail yesterday, in this condition.  It's a copy of Gabriel Boyer's book - "Survey of My Failures This Far."  For most of the night, I blamed the USPS for the condition of the package in my mailbox...but once I opened the book to find it riddled with post-it notes from Gabe, post-it notes that acted as place-markers/explanations of revisions to come, I began to think the packaging might or might not been another one of the many failures inside and outside of this book.  This thing is a sprawling beast of mainly, but not only, prose work.  All of which has the charm of a bold and fully-realized attempt.  The style shifts and the content swells or shrinks, and all the while there is a Beckett-like pressure to write, to produce, in spite of the inevitable failure.  I still haven't read most of this book, it is very long, but I'm happy to have it and encourage others to seek it out at  Maybe I'll post a video or two of me reading selections from the book...I wonder if Gabe would like that?  Either way, you can find video of Gabe reading from the book in Entry #41 - Ten Minute Deer Skinner.

Who's going to AWP this year?  Answer me that.

My dad is about to interview me for a job...wish me luck

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