Friday, December 3, 2010

#46 Placement

Okay, so very soon, check back for video of Vanessa Place's reading at the Green Lantern Gallery in Chicago, IL.  I'll also post some footage from her talk at SAIC earlier that day about Conceptual Poetry.  You may think you recognize a certain timid blogger's voice cracking out a question or two, but feel free to ignore probably only be the wind.

Let's see, what else.  I'm looking to make a website...that's needed, right?  This blog is like a depository for me, I'm just dumping info/rant content here and leaving it to soak.  I'd like to make a website that's more about you.  That's right.  You.  Someone else is going to read this and assume I'm talking about them, but you know by you I mean you and actually on you and not some general "you" but the you who I mean who is reading this.  Hopefully it will be fun for you.  And you deserve it.

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