Monday, September 6, 2010

Entry #5 Nothing to be duned

Dreamt about this kind of thing last night, and then the internet told me it was real.

This is a part of an email I got from the editors at a magazine:

"Could you possibly send us a clearer jpeg of this." - in reference to a project I spent several hours power-sanding off the walls of Tex Gallery the last time I was in Texas.

Not true, I was there yesterday.  The time before the last time.  The actual last time, I can quote, Alan, I believe it was, saying with pragmatic satisfaction,
"You can't see the Weiner thing at all," in reference to the blank patch of panelled wall where we planned to hang a series of new paintings.

Here is an image of what we're talking about:

by Colin Winnette and Blake Normile

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