Friday, September 10, 2010

Entry #9 Yoko Ono Yoko Ono Yoko Ono, Refuses to be a Palindrome

Here's a gchat Walker and I are currently having, me in my soiled gym shorts, ready to run, him, in TX:

    Walker:  ive got two more rejection emails in the makes for you don't worry
    me:  pfft
    you think a handful of rejection emails makes you special?
    gmail's sending me notices about consuming too much bandwith because of my backlog of        
    rejection  letters
    they were like
    "we're sorry to inform you, but your excessive backlog of rejection notices is not a right fit for       
   feel free to delete something, or get a life.
 Sent at 9:33 AM on Friday
  Walker:  pish
   those are just the ones that dignified me with a response
   me:  the rest will streadily trickle in
   little disappointments mail bombs
 Sent at 9:36 AM on Friday
  Walker:  either that or ill get nothing but acceptance
   or almost acceptance
Following that, neither of us has said anything for a while.

This conversation was spurred on by Walker's proposal for a poem hodge-podged from our collective rejection notices.  Issue would be, they tend to run together and become one big, bright...oh, i don't of disappointment. 

We still haven't said anything.  He may have the sneaking suspicion I am doing this.

What else before I I meet with Jesse Ball


  1. Thank you so much! I'm still not sure how I feel about writing it...

    I'm sorry I missed you last time I was in town!

    See you in October?

  2. My plan to take over your blog seems to be working.

  3. Dear Walker,

    Thank you for submitting to Bartleby Snopes. We appreciate the chance to read your work. Unfortunately, this piece is not for us. It was an interesting read, but the prose didn't have enough punch for me. Too often you were telling when you needed to be showing. A lot of the phrases were overly wordy but didn't give a strong image of the scene or the plot.

    Good luck with this one elsewhere. Please try us again in the future.

    Nathaniel Tower
    Managing Editor, Bartleby Snopes

  4. Laugh out loud! (mobile) Would that we could acknowledge as much enjoyment to each thing life brings us.