Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Entry #14 For St. Valentine, who, as it turns out, is as dubious as Homer, as unknowable as the actual author of Shakespeare's plays, as elusive as the patch of desert we pretended was the moon!

All these questions of authenticity originate from a bout of laziness, or stead-fastness, which kept me reading late into the 10 o'clock hour, thereby relying on Walker to take the reigns for Entry #14.  He did a fine job adopting the style.  You can tell he just loves this thing!

Hard And Soft Exhibit

Every year the Denton Greater Arts Council has a Materials exhibit called Hard & Soft.  It's usually worth going by if you're ever in the area. 

No Big D
by Walker Smart

    Earlier in the day, before Scott left for Darren’s house, he overheard his sister Kelly talking with her friend Chloe.  Scott was working on the computer in the next room when Kelly and Chloe got home from tennis. 
    “Richard from our class?” Chloe had said.  They were in the kitchen, probably still holding their rackets and wearing tennis clothes.
    “Scott’s friend Richard.  The one who’s always here.”  Scott moved away from the desk to hear what she said once he heard Richard‘s name. 
    “What was it like?”  Chloe couldn’t help but be loud.
    “It was pretty smooth I guess,” Kelly said.  “I don’t know.  I didn’t think a dick would be so smooth.”  She was talking quietly, but not enough so Scott couldn’t hear every word.  And he couldn’t stop himself from listening.     
    Kelly is a freshman.  Or she will be after the summer is over.  Scott never wanted to hear her talk about anyone’s dick, let alone Dick’s dick.  Why is Dick getting his dick touched by Scott’s sister, who’s never touched a dick before?  Doesn’t Dick want to have his dick touched by a girl his age, who’s touched a few dicks before, who is emotionally ready for all that dick touching could mean, and who can handle his dick properly and efficiently, with the kind of treatment Dick’s dick deserved?
    “Did he like it?  What happened?” Chloe asked. 
    “When he took his dick out I moved my hand toward it.  I was nervous.  As my hand got close his dick lurched forward, like his dick was metal and my hand had a magnet in it.  Like it was a snake jumping out of the grass to bite me.  My fingertips brushed against it and his dick kind of nodded, gingerly, as if to say ‘it’s okay, touch.’”
    “Did he come?” Chloe asked. 
    “Well, I started rubbing, but I must’ve done it wrong, because he took my hand and moved it up and down his dick.  Once I got how he liked it he started touching me, then he quivered and his dick threw come on my hand and down my arm.  Some got on the couch.”
    “I wonder if he’d let me try sometime.”  Chloe asked.
    “Do you ever see him?”  Clinks from plates force Scott to crack the computer room door to hear the rest. 
    “Yeah, when’s he at the mall he comes by the food court and talks to me.
    “I didn’t know that,” Kelly had said.  Scott hadn’t known either.  “He’d probably let you.  You’re cute.  You’re cuter than me and he let me do it.”
    “You wouldn’t care would you?” Chloe asks. 
    Kelly laughed at that.  “Not at all.  I couldn’t date him even if I like him because Scott would hate me for it.”
    They way she’d said it hurt Scott.  It’s hard to pinpoint exactly why.  He doesn’t want Kelly not to do something she wanted because of him.  And he really doesn’t want her to touch dicks anymore.  Scott wants out of that part of her life, he doesn’t want to think about it, but it was shoved in his lap and now he has dicks on the brain.  He looks at Dick and sees Kelly touching dicks, Chloe watching and asking if she could touch the dicks too.  Darren’s dicks, Dick’s dick, even his dick.  Scott can’t lose the image of his dick jumping out his pants to Kelly’s hand and her laughing and Chloe grabbing his dick from her hand, them talking about how smooth his dick is, although not as smooth as Dick’s.  Maybe if they could touch the two dicks side by side, Chloe suggests in Scott’s brain over and over, they could figure out why Dick’s dick is so much smoother...(end of excerpt)

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