Monday, July 2, 2012

They serialize "Hummingbird"—a story about love, infestation, and ham-slapping—at FiveChapters!

Special thanks to David Daley!

FiveChapters is a rad site. I've been hunting around on there and there is so much good work by authors I love. Look for stories by Amelia Gray, Sam Lipsyte, Alex Ohlin, Jennifer Egan, Vendela Vida, Stephen Elliott, and Joyce Carol Oats, to name only a few.

This story is from Animal Collection, forthcoming from Spork Press in September. The countdown to this book has been really exciting. The stories are finding their way out into the world and I couldn't be happier for the reception they've received. Thanks to everyone! Can't wait to see the final version of the book itself.

While you're waiting, check out these other books by Spork. So fucking rad. As a place to start, I would highly recommend Zach Schomburg's From the Fjords. It's just really incredible.

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