Tuesday, February 21, 2012

So dreamy.  Spork Press is putting out ANIMAL COLLECTION, a book of short prose, later this year.  For AWP they put together a sample chap, and here's the cover.  It's gorgeous.  And take special note of the block in the background.  Here's a quote from Drew Burk, re: letterpressing this thing:

"I don't know what you know about letterpress, but we're fucking barbarians about it, and this one was the most barbaric of all, just fucking screwing it down into place. That's so not how you do it."

Looks pretty slick to me.  The chap's only available at AWP, so stop by the Spork Press table and pick up a copy for like $5?  Or track me or Drew down and try to haggle!

Look for the full book later this year.  More soon.

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