Friday, June 3, 2011

#91 Break Out Your Alice Blues

While you're waiting for more info on the midwest tour with Ben Clark, check out some of the pieces published in the newest issue of the Alice Blue Review.  I'm happy to be amongst such good company.  Along with my story about butterfly bombs, you can read some work by my buddy, the inexhaustible Jen Gann, and Eric Beeny, Joshua Ware, and many more!

ABR has such a nice look to it.  Such a good feel.  The work is great, but I also think the site is like the coziest bed and breakfast in the Buena Vista Park area of San Francisco.  Not the creepy kind of bed and breakfast, but the kind that has cold lemonade in a jar on a doily on a solid wood end table.  There are likely drugs in the lemonade, or some kind of mild poison, but maybe you drink it anyway.  You're on vacation.  You're in San Francisco for some reason.  You haven't seen the owners of this place.  Not once. Not even when you checked in.  You don't remember checking in.  Maybe you've had too much of the lemonade.  It would be nice to take a walk, nice to get a sunburn.  You roll up your sleeves.  Ants no longer seem threatening.  What a fine day it's about to be.  

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