Wednesday, March 16, 2011

#82 Good Day

Incredible day today. Not going to blog about the weather, but it was about time, Chicago.

Thinking about this essay by Stravinsky, and why I keep writing "collections." I can't seem to find the essay online, but it's in "Poetics in Music in the Form of Six Lessons," Lesson 3.

"Will I then have to lose myself in this abyss of freedom?  To what shall I cling in order to escape the dizziness that seizes me before the virtuality of this infinitude...I shall not succumb.  I shall overcome my terror and shall be reassured by the thought that I have the seven notes of the scale and its chromatic intervals at my disposal, that strong and weak accents are within my reach, and that in all of these I possess solid and concrete elements which offer me a field of experience just as vast as the upsetting and dizzy infinitude that had just frightened me...I am always able to turn immediately to the concrete things that are here in question.  I have no use for theoretic freedom.  Let me have something finite, definite - matter that can lend itself to my operation only insofar as it is commensurate with my possibilities.  And such matter presents itself to me together with its limitations.  I must in turn impose mine upon it."


Finished the first revision of the new book today. Calling it In One Story until I can think of a title that sounds even remotely attractive.  Check out the May Issue of PANK for an excerpt.

I also finished a new story today, tentatively titled "I Remove My Face, Fall in a Kind of Love and Buy a Dog."  Walker made me do it.

Thanks for checking in, guys.

If you haven't already, stop by Spork Press and read three new stories by yours truly, then take a look around, so much great stuff to be found.

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