Sunday, February 6, 2011

#74 Buy a Book!

Whelp, AWP is over and done.  Flight got cancelled so I'm off to wander DC until things fall back into place.

Only a couple copies left of my Collected Work:

They're $15, handwritten, handsome little objects.  I accept Paypal ( or checkssss!

For $20, I'll send you a copy of the Collected Work, as well as another book that might be generally worth your time.

Shipping and handling is whatever shipping and handling costs.

The reading at the zoo was great.  Read alongside some excellent writers and fun-loving folks.  We heard an elephant, sensed a fisher cat, enraged an emu and got way too close to the gorillas.

Readings are a lot of fun.  I would like to do a reading tour, I think.

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