Wednesday, December 22, 2010

#53 Quick Disappointment

So there is a "stats" section in this blogbuilder which allows me to look at the number of hits the site has received in a single day, as well as which websites have referred people, or what they searched for in order to find themselves here.  It's often what you'd expect: a huge amount of people link from facebook, a few people from the Ukraine, people redirected from my website, people doing searches for some of the authors/musicians/artists mentioned throughout the site...but yesterday morning someone came to the site having searched the words "10 minute deer skinner"+review.  What a disappointment that must have been, really and truly.  I feel like I let that person down.  So from now on, I will only reference things I plan to treat accordingly.  For instance, if I use the phrase "special holiday deals," I will contextualize it:  "I can't hardly wait for all of those special holiday deals and extra great work from home opportunites for barely legal teens looking to hook up at the discoteque this holiday season."+ben stiller.

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