Sunday, October 24, 2010

Entry #38 Midnight is Still Before Eleven...Please See Entry #2...

Selections from the DN Reading Series:

These two pieces – one, an excerpt from William Burroughs’ Nova Express (1964) read by the author, the other, Samuel Beckett’s Texts For Nothing #8 read by the Irish actor, Jack MacGowran (that’s right, from The Exorcist) – were originally included in Aspen Magazine no. 5+6 as phonograph recordings.

by Samuel Beckett, read by Jack MacGowran

“…ah if no were content to cut yes’s throat, and never cut its own."

 excerpt fromNova Express” (1965) 
 by William Burroughs, read by the author.

“…images, millions of images.  That’s what I eat…
ever try kicking that habit with apomorphine?”


What an utterly fantastic night last Saturday's was.  Damon Smith and Thomas Helton played an intense and surprising set, the readings were fantastic, and the gallery was filled to the brim with top notch video art and 2D work.  We were pulling in DVD players from every house in the neighborhood.  Big shout out to Armadillo Ale Works for sampling their fine product.  Keep an eye on the horizon for Tex Gallery 9!

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