Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Entry #31 Backstreet's...and the rest of it.

Look for my piece in The Ampersand Review's forthcoming issue.  Buy copies and tell your friends!

I'm back in to this, by the way.

This video is ok, but I think I like the impulse behind the animation more than the animation itself.

We should assimilate more.  Or recontextualize.  Steal is what I mean.  So that when someone walks into your apartment and says, 'Hey, is that my coffee table?' you say, 'No, that's my floor desk.'

(I can't find a link to Christine Montalbetti's work anywhere, but go buy Dalkey Archive Press' "Best European Fiction 2010" and you can read her that way!)

Here's a link from my uncle, who's the best.

And a link from my aunt, who is also the best.

See you all tomorrow.


  1. Congratulations!! Is it Vol. 6? This is exciting news!

  2. It will be in Vol. 6, yes. Thanks, Ma.