Sunday, October 3, 2010

Entry #29 Always go with iodized

Don't think I've forgotten you!  Eleven's just be coming extra early lately for some reason...I think it's the reverse pull of the Harvest Moon...maybe.

I'm putting together a reading series for Dear Navigator, an online literary journal.

As part of my associate editor duties, I've decided to curate a blog space of video readings.  I'm focusing on fiction for now, but we'll see where this whole thing goes.

So...if you're writing fiction these days, or really into recording yourself talking, send me a video of you giving a reading (your own work, someone else's, your favorite words ever written) and I'll post what works!  What's not too filthy...Walker.

Just email me.

Wow.  Eleven's just around the corner.

Don't feel neglected!  More soon.

Been reading this and this, so my life is all cannibals and romanticized alcoholism. 

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